We invite Lene Bekkemellem in Digivert at Digital Kafe

Lene is the project manager and is responsible for the project Digivert. A project designed to help the elderly with technology in everyday life. In this collaborative project, which includes all the volunteer centers in Nord Gudbrandsdalen (Dovre, Lom, Vågå, Skjåk and Sel municipalities), there is one person in charge of the volunteer center who helps with the implementation. They make Digital cafe with items…

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Effektiviserer helsevesenet

Easymeeting launches products that will streamline healthcare

The business association in the Tromsø region has created an article about us on its website: «Streamlining processes in the health care system helps to create more security and flexibility for health professionals, patients and their families. This at a time when the health sector is often characterized by large savings. Our member company Easymeeting develops video services, especially in distance education and welfare technology. I…

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Hans Johan Easymeeting

The new form of care

Society has been greatly affected by the fact that we have not had the opportunity to give each other a good hug. Physical contact can simply be dangerous, and right now this is where we stand: the Korona pandemic is affecting our entire daily lives. We who are not directly affected may think in the first place…

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Tools for dignity and activity

Video conversations are absolutely crucial for Ronny Løkås (50) to live in his own home and live a good life. As a general rule, Ronny communicates with mom and dad on video twice daily. - Video makes all the difference for us. An ordinary telephone is simply not good enough as a communication tool. Ronny speaks softly. Han…

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forebygger ensomhet tv2

Prevents loneliness

A while ago we were on Tv2Nyhetene and got to tell about Arne Ulvolden, the 85-year-old who is employed as a technology consultant with us at Easymeeting. Did you not get the feature? You can still see it here: We are proud to have Arne on the team! Together we will continue to work so that people can…

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