Mariann Gansmoe

Future health challenges

Is your municipality ready to meet the health challenges of the future? A new report from shows - "The cities and the surrounding areas continue to grow, while a great many district municipalities will see a declining population towards 2050. These municipalities will have a particularly old population." This could have dramatic consequences for those municipalities...

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We invite Lene Bekkemellem in Digivert at Digital Kafe

Lene is the project manager and is responsible for the project Digivert. A project designed to help the elderly with technology in everyday life. In this collaborative project, which includes all the volunteer centers in Nord Gudbrandsdalen (Dovre, Lom, Vågå, Skjåk and Sel municipalities), there is one person in charge of the volunteer center who helps with the implementation. They make Digital cafe with items…

We invite Lene Bekkemellem in Digivert at Digital Kafe Read more "

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