Future health challenges

Is your municipality ready to meet the health challenges of the future?

A new report from ssb.no shows – «The cities and surrounding areas continue to grow, while many district municipalities will see a declining population towards 2050. These municipalities will have a particularly old population. »

This could have dramatic consequences for those municipalities that do not have access to enough health personnel. They will not be able to provide a good enough health service to their residents.

"Welfare technology is technological assistance that contributes to increased safety, security, social participation, mobility and physical and cultural activity, and strengthens the individual's ability to manage themselves in everyday life despite illness and social, psychological or physical impairment. Welfare technology can also function as technological support for relatives and otherwise contribute to improving accessibility, resource utilization and quality of the service offering." according to NOU

It finds many useful and good solutions that enable the municipality to use the scarce resource of personnel in a better way. Many Norwegian welfare technology products are ready for use and they follow The norm for information security and privacy in the health and care sector

Medicine dispensers, digital monitoring, video visit service, sleep quality monitoring etc. are some of the technologies that save time for healthcare personnel, provide users with more – and perhaps better – healthcare services.

Digital home follow-up is one of the recommended areas that municipalities can use to save resources, while maintaining a good health service offer. Night owl and Amigo are two of our products that can be used for digital home follow-up. Nattugla is integrated into Hepro Respons and other platform providers will be able to get integration. Amigo is a stand-alone product that can be used by healthcare personnel, relatives, GPs, physiotherapists, nurses etc. These are some of the products that will make it possible to stay at home for as long as possible.

How much can be saved by changing to digital supervision?

Just one Night Owl installation can have positive savings of up to NOK 200,000 each year. It provides major savings for Norwegian municipalities.

Nattugla is a digital video visit that is easy to set up and provides a safer everyday life for both the user, relatives and healthcare personnel. With Nattugla, the night watchman can see if the patient is well and by activating sound, they can talk to the user and quickly get an overview of the situation. Nurse resources will be able to be used in a better way and they will only reach out to those patients who need help.  

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