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Do you want more contact with the whole family? With Amigo, friends and family can easily meet on video.

Safe, flexible - and simple

If you want an invoice, contact the service center by phone. 4000 4887

Amigo creates profit for many…

If you are an active senior who wants to participate in activities with your friends

Attend digital cafes, knitting cafes or morning gymnastics. Talk to friends, family and acquaintances in closed groups. Create new friendships and stay in touch even if you live far apart.

If you are a health worker who wants better follow-up of service recipients

Amigo speaks in teams with Easymeeting video conferencing. If your municipality has Easymeeting, you can call Amigo users for good and effective follow-up.

If you are a relative

Stay in touch with the elderly when you do not have the opportunity for physical visits. Maybe you are traveling or living far away from the elderly in the family. With Amigo, you can still get frequent visits. Put the elderly in touch with family, old and new acquaintances.

forebygger ensomhet tv2

Amigo on TV2 News

On Sunday 11 April 2021, TV2 showed a great report on how Amigo can be used to fight loneliness. Feel free to read the article and watch the news item.

Why use Amigo instead of FaceTime, Facebook, Skype and other services?

  • Simple user interface for the target group
  • Norwegian service with customer service in Tromsø
  • Autoresponder functionality
  • Setups and changes can be made remotely in a separate administration panel
  • Possible to buy pre-installed package, including tablet and 4G subscription
  • Works across all types of devices and operating systems
  • Encrypted and secure solution delivered by an approved third-party supplier at the Norwegian Health Network

Unprecedented possibilities

Kristian is a nurse and expert in e-health, here he talks a little about the possibilities with Amigo.

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