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See how Lyngen municipality meets the future with Nattugla

The night owl is built to create security and undisturbed night's sleep

The night owl is built to create security and undisturbed night's sleep

Did you know that there is nothing that affects both physical and mental health more negatively than lack of sleep?
In fact, none of the body's organs is adversely affected by lack of sleep.

If in 20 years we think back in time, when we sent health workers around by car at night, to check if the people living at home slept safely and well. We want to draw a little smile on how good technology allows us to redefine the way we use our valuable resources to take care of our loved ones - in an even better way. Most people who get a stranger into the house at night wake up and become restless. Many elderly people are waiting for the night service so that they can sleep peacefully after the visit.

The elderly who have experienced Nattugla are largely satisfied with the experiences - they have had a better night's sleep, and can sleep in the safe knowledge that they are being looked after. Think also of all the dutiful and caring nurses, who drove around in bad weather, and most of the time do not reach all the residents on a night shift.

That's why we made Nattugla!

Key functionality


Loud sound alarm with the possibility of adjusting the sound level to give an alarm, adapted to each user.


Automatic furniture detection gives you the freedom to use the room you want.


Activated in the admin page. Access to be able to turn off anonymization in an audit can be done for each individual Night Owl from the administrator.

Two-way talk

It is possible to have a good conversation with the user via audio device.

Approved by the Norwegian Health Network

The solution follows the Norm and is approved by the Norwegian Health Network.

Easy installation

Mounted on the wall with the included wall mount, connect to power and it is ready for use.


The night owl can be stopped using QR-Code which indicates how long the owl should be inactive. In Hepro Repson, the owl will be deactivated when the nurse has marked itself present.

Night vision

Integrated IR light and a good camera provide a good image even in dark rooms.

2-factor login

Possibility to activate 2-factor login.


Nattugla is fully integrated with Hepro Respons and will also be able to be integrated with other platforms via API.


The platform logs both performed inspections and incidents in the system. Log can not be changed and it is stored for 18 months.

Device support

Audits can be performed from the Hepro response app or service mobile, tablet or PC.

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