Integrated 4G


E2EE encryption

Night vision

About Night Owl

A good night's sleep without interruption, provides better everyday health for the user. Nattugla is the perfect tool for digital supervision, performed by healthcare professionals.

  • Nattugla has been developed together with health and IT personnel in Harstad Municipality.
  • The unit is adapted to existing workflows, is quick and easy to assemble, all in one unit.
  • Privacy and the most advanced security technology available have been important elements in the development of Nattugla.

Users experience better sleep quality and feel more satisfied and safe.

Nattugla økt trygghet

Key functionality

End-to-end encryption

End-to-end encrypted service. Video streaming does not go through servers, but directly to the specific service provider.

4G connection

Comes delivered ready set up with the desired 4G subscription.

Norwegian user support

Our experts in Tromsø offer you user support.


The night owl can be integrated with other platforms via the API.


The platform logs both performed inspections and incidents in the system.

Night vision

Integrated IR lights and an IR-sensitive camera provide good images in the dark.

Device support

Audits can be performed from a mobile phone, tablet or PC.

Approved by the Norwegian Health Network

The solution follows the Norm and is approved by the Norwegian Health Network.

Easy installation

Mounted on the wall with the included wall mount, connect to power and it is ready for use.

Control system

View device status, scroll in new devices, and transfer between service recipients.

Access control

Group-based setup for access control. Change roles and accesses for user groups.

2-factor login

Possibility to activate 2-factor login for users.

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