Is there a cure for loneliness?

To be able to prevent loneliness, the right tools and understanding of what loneliness is is required.

We like to think that loneliness is complex and difficult and that it is impossible to cure. We must choose the right tools and be able to understand what the feeling of loneliness is. Some people like to be alone, but the challenge is those who do not want to be alone and feel lonely.

This is taken from the book "The Century of Loneliness" by Noreena Hertz
«When we remember our most lonely moments in life, we will not immediately remember a pounding heart, thoughts running wild, or other typical signs of a very stressful situation. The chemical presence of loneliness in the body and the hormones it sends around in the blood vessels, is essentially identical to the "fight or flight" response we get when we feel attacked. It is this stress response that fuels some of the most insidious health effects of loneliness. They can be extensive and, in the worst case, fatal. »

It is not the case that technology alone can cure loneliness. If technology is used incorrectly, it can reinforce feelings of loneliness. A good prevention against loneliness is "the good conversation". It does not have to be a meeting with an agenda, but just someone to talk loosely and firmly with. If we can use technology to recreate the meeting place, we can arrange for those who do not have the opportunity or mobility to get a little closer to their acquaintances and loved ones.

Easymeeting works together with local Pensioners' Associations and Volunteer Centers to create digital cafes that ensure that you can participate both from home and from the traditional meeting place.

The good conversation is heart medicine for loneliness!

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