DIGI HOSTS come to a place near you!

We really want to talk to some good people. Digivert is a project that was started in Nord-Gudbrandsdalen - students at Health and Social Affairs were asked if they could imagine being a visiting friend for the elderly and at the same time help with the use of technology. The young people are used to using apps and gadgets, and this will be a win-win situation where the health workers of the future train in social competence and communication with the elderly. The students learn a lot in the dialogue, at the same time as they help the elderly to use technology. The project in Nord-Gudbrandsdalen has received support from the Ministry of Health and Care Services to further develop Digivert to fit in at the Volunteer Centers. This was the start of Digivert.

The divers will be based at Volunteer Centers, local pensioners' associations or where it is natural to meet locally for the elderly. The idea is that volunteers can also be visiting friends and support for the elderly who are unsure about the use of technology. Here we can guarantee a lot of warmth. 

Digiverts will provide advice and assistance with phones, tablets and computers. They will also help arrange DIGITAL COFFEE. Those who do not have the opportunity to come to the local meeting place can participate digitally from home. 

Imagine being able to participate in pleasant discussions without having to worry about technology. There are unimaginable possibilities.

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