Support people who struggle with mental health - and you get amazing employees who do a fabulous job!

Yesterday was World Mental Health Day. For us at Easymeeting, mental health is an important flagship issue. We believe that World Mental Health Day is good - but it is important to keep the focus on this on the other 364 days of the year as well. That is, on weekdays and working days.

Why are we so concerned with this?

Yes, because in the past we have had employees who have struggled with mental health and because we have supported them and facilitated their work. We know that if your company does the same - you'll get fantastic employees who do a fabulous job! And with the right follow-up and support in the workplace, those who are struggling will recover faster mentally "back on their feet" 🙂

Thanks to Nadia for allowing us to share her important text which she first published on Facebook:

Nadia Kristiansen Tokerud

"It's World Mental Health Day today, and as usual I'm upset about the Norwegian theme. The international theme is "Make mental health & well-being for all a global priority". The Norwegian? "We need each other. Look up!” A topic that puts the responsibility for mental health on each individual in the population, rather than on those who consistently lower the priority of mental health care. Which reduces offers. Who seem to at least pretend that they don't see how narrow a needle's eye people jump through and how long they wait to get help from psychologists.

Having said that: Let's toast to those among us who take the front line job head on. Which sends a little "how are you?" now and then. That stirs up the sofa. Who shows up with a wash bucket and mop. Which comes with pizza and a movie. Who cheers. Which helps to go through the list that comes with a referral to a psychologist. Who calls around for help. Who helps with applications and prepares for meetings and interviews. Which gets friends and family on their feet. Gets them out of unhealthy situations and into healthy ones. Who orders breakfast at the door. Which takes people out of the house with them.

Let's toast those who are there for others and who happily drop everything and go to help.

And while we celebrate the helpers, let us do what we can to put pressure on those who make the helpers so necessary.

Let's do something about the queues for psychological help. I keep hearing politicians talk about how important it is to focus on mental health. At the same time, it is constantly being de-prioritized when the money is distributed.

The helpers among us save lives, but they cannot help everyone. Many need help from the healthcare system. From the public sector. Let's help them too. We have nobody to lose"

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