The night owl flies internationally

and provides better security for elderly people living at home

Easymeeting has created a digital video night watch that provides increased security for elderly people living at home and saves Norwegian municipalities large sums. The company has now entered into an exclusive agreement that will bring "Nattugla" to the global market. 

The strategic agreement Easymeeting has entered into is with Hepro, a company headquartered in Rognan, which is known for its large product range in welfare technology - also abroad. Hepro is owned by the Swedish AddLife group, which works with medicine and advanced health technology internationally. They have 70 independent subsidiaries globally and over 1800 employees. It provides good opportunities for Nattugla from Tromsø to reach far out into the world.

Nattugla provides digital video visits that are easy to set up and provide a safer everyday life for both the user, relatives and health professionals. With Nattuglas' eyes, the night watchman can see if the patient is well and if he or she has, for example, fallen out of bed or otherwise needs assistance. Thus, they can use the nurse resources in a better way and only reach out to the patient who needs help.  

Looks good in the dark
The solution has the best security on the market, with encryption and smart anonymization of the patient. The night owl sees well in the dark when the patient is asleep, but follows the GDPR rules and the authorities' strict standards for privacy. The owl is therefore approved by the Norwegian Health Network.

A night watchman in the municipality's home care service can, with Nattugla placed on the wall by the patients, follow up several residents if they have to drive around to the individual patient. In many municipalities, there is also a large distance between patients and a long road. With Nattugla and the Hepro Respons service, the night watchman can instead take three to five digital video visits every night. It creates increased security and a good night's sleep for the patient. 

Big savings
Only one Night Owl installation can have a positive saving of up to NOK 200,000 each year. So the solution saves large sums for Norwegian municipalities. General manager Hans Johan Tofteng in Easymeeting believes that this will also be attractive to foreign health organizations and institutions.

The collaboration with Hepro is important to us, and it gives us an opportunity to get Nattugla out into a global market with their sister companies in the AddLife group. Hepro delivers a lot of exciting welfare technology - also abroad. I think that the link Nattugla and the service Hepro Respons is a very good combination that can work well at foreign health institutions and municipalities. We developed Nattugla in Tromsø, we thoroughly tested it in Harstad municipality and now we have entered into a strategic collaboration with a Rognan company. So you can say that now it is Northern Norway that flies abroad with Nattugla, says Hans Johan Tofteng in Easymeeting.

Most exciting solution- We are very pleased to enter into this partnership with Easymeeting. We have been working with Easymeeting for a long time now to prepare for this partnership, and we experience them as a very competent quality supplier that meets the market's requirements for functionality and competitive conditions. This is one of the most exciting solutions we have launched so far, and we have great faith in this solution in Norway, but also in the rest of the world, says Geir Tore Jakobsen, CEO of Hepro.

You can read Hepro's press release here

Press contacts

Hans Johan Tofteng
General manager of Easymeeting
Mobile: +47 909 53175
Geir Tore Jakobsen
CEO of Hepro
Mobile: +47 957 74 766

Briefly about Hepro
Hepro is a competence company that develops, produces and sells high-quality aids and welfare technology. Hepro was established in 1987 and has extensive experience in developing products and solutions that will make everyday life easier for their customers. The company's vision is to give customers the opportunity to manage themselves, participate actively in their own everyday lives and stay longer at home. The company is owned by Addlife AB. The head office is located in Rognan, but the company has operations throughout the country as well as exports. Hepro is owned by the Stockholm-based and listed AddLife group, which works with medicine and advanced health technology. 
They have 70 independent subsidiaries globally and over 1800 employees

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