Privacy Policy

The Easymeeting addon for Google Calendar (“the addon”) is created by Easymeeting AS. This privacy policy will explain what data is requested, why the data is requested, how the data is used, and what data is collected when you use the Easymeeting addon.


Data – In this document the word ‘data’ refers to any information you provide to the Easymeeting addon or any user data requested by the addon from your Google account.

EasyNumber – Your personal number used across Easymeeting services.

What data is requested?

The addon requests data about an event when you want to add an Easymeeting video conference to the event.

Additionally you have to provide your EasyNumber to the addon.

Why is this data being requested?

The addon requires event information in order to add video conference data to the specific event.

The EasyNumber is required as it is used to create conference entry links for the event.

How is the data being used?

The addon will only use the information about the event to add a video conference. No data is transferred outside of the context of the addon, not to Easymeeting or any third party. By providing your EasyNumber, the addon can create a valid conference link without needing to contact any external service.

What data is collected?

No data is collected by Easymeeting or any other third party service. The addon will create video conference details that are only stored on the relevant event. Details about the event or the conference are not stored by the addon or any third party service.

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