About us

We are an enthusiastic group who are proud of our self-developed solutions in health and video conferencing.

Ease of use, safety and sustainability are our focus areas for all products and services. Our welfare technological solutions have been developed together with users and healthcare personnel and are approved for use in the Norwegian Health Network. 

Our goal is to deliver solutions that connect people and technology. 

We will make video conferencing the natural choice when we talk together. We will do this by making the connection and use of video conferencing as user-friendly and seamless as it is experienced when we call someone by phone.

In order to succeed with the introduction of new technology, the individual user must see great benefit immediately. With the market's best customer service, we handle the technical, so you can focus on good user experiences.

Our development team works closely with support and sales, and not least closely with our customers. We can quickly make changes, based on wishes from you as a customer. This helps us to develop our products quickly, and in line with the needs you have as a customer.

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