Has participated in 2,500 lectures

Over the last ten years, Veronica Håkaby has participated in at least 2,500 lectures. - I have an extremely educational workday, she declares. She is a «meeting host»…

DIGI HOSTS come to a place near you!

We really want to talk to some good people. Digivert is a project that was started in Nord-Gudbrandsdalen - students at Health and Social Services…

Is there a cure for loneliness?

To be able to prevent loneliness, the right tools and understanding of what loneliness is is required. We like to think that loneliness is complex and difficult and that…

No longer fear the aging wave

For several years, the coming wave of the elderly has appeared as a nightmare for most Norwegian municipalities. Hugo Thode Hansen, municipal director in Harstad does not know this…
Hans Johan Easymeeting

The new form of care

Society has been greatly affected by the fact that we have not had the opportunity to give each other a good hug. Physical contact can be right…
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Digital Cafe - Video podcast series

Here we will invite interesting people who work with health and welfare technology to a cafe chat.
Can the technology create more loneliness, or will it provide more time and space for warmth of heart?

Digital Neighborhood - Podcast series

A podcast series about how public and private companies can move forward to create added value out of digital tools. We spread experiences and good tips on how to actually succeed!

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