How to connect to a meeting.

From Video System

The video system must be registered in our Cloud Connect Service.

  • Call Easynumeret

If you have not registered the video system in Cloud Connect.

  • Call IP
  • Enter Easyn number, finish with # key

    Insert a ring string
  • Easynummer@

Call with URI or SIP device

From Tablet and Smart phone

Download the Easymeeting App for your device.

We recommend that you use headsets or earbuds to get the best possible sound quality, without echo problems.

From Phone

Call the number that belongs to your region. Enter the Easymeeting number you want to connect to and exit with the # key. If the chair of the meeting has set a PIN, you will be asked to enter a PIN.

Toll-Free *

 US: +1 844 949 2744

UK: +44 808 169 7280

Norway: +47 800 33 417

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