Ethical guidelines

Last updated: February 17, 2023

Our fundamental principles

Our personnel policy must be anchored in the laws and agreements that regulate conditions in working life.

Furthermore, our personnel policy must have a natural anchoring in a value base that is used as a basis for our actions and decisions, with particular emphasis on

  • High ethical standard
  • Good internal information and participation
  • Respect for confidential information
  • High competence in privacy for all employees and targeted competence development

Our ethics

Broad trust and credibility are absolutely essential for us to be able to achieve our business goals. We must achieve this by creating and maintaining a culture based on high ethical standards so that no one can question our integrity.

Both managers and employees have a special responsibility to ensure that established laws and regulations are complied with. Everyone has a responsibility to set high ethical standards in their work, both internally in the company and with customers, thereby creating and maintaining the best possible trust in our company. We respect and protect the privacy of our users in the healthcare system in accordance with applicable privacy laws and regulations. We only collect and process the necessary personal information to deliver our services to the healthcare system.


Quality in all stages must be a competitive advantage for us.

We will strive to meet the customer's expectations for the quality of our services and/or products on all levels. This should characterize our actions, attitudes and the way we carry out our work.

We are open and transparent about our practices for collecting, using and protecting personal information. We respect users' rights under privacy legislation, including the right to access, correct and withdraw consent.

Everyone has a responsibility to act so that both customers and colleagues experience our quality as a positive added value. Our employees and partners are trained in privacy practices and understand the importance of protecting personal information. We regularly evaluate and improve our privacy practices based on best practice, technological advances and changes in regulations. 

Information and participation

Good internal information is a prerequisite for being able to deliver quality.

Our company's managers have a particular responsibility to ensure that our employees have access to open and relevant information about matters that are important to the individual's work situation. The individual employee also has their own responsibility for seeking and adding the necessary information about their own work situation.

Everyone must actively contribute to good communication that promotes a holistic view and creates motivation for decisions. The individual also has a special responsibility through his duty of confidentiality both externally and internally. The individual must participate in matters that affect their own work situation.

Respect for confidential information

Confidentiality is an important prerequisite for trust. The individual has a duty of confidentiality regarding all information he or she learns about the company's customers or customers' relationships in the course of their work.

We obtain informed consent from users before processing their personal data and we implement necessary security measures to protect personal information from unauthorized access, alteration, loss or misuse. We only keep personal information for as long as necessary, and delete or anonymize the data when it is no longer necessary.

We do not share personal information with third parties without the user's consent, unless it is necessary to fulfill our obligations or in accordance with the law.

The duty of confidentiality applies not only to outsiders, but also in relation to colleagues, who do not need the relevant information for the sake of their work.

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