Attend a meeting

With the search engine, you can easily attend meetings as a guest. Search for the name or number of the person who has the meeting and participate from your browser.

Professional video conferencing as easy as a phone call.

Why should I use

Support for h.323 and SIP

All our meeting rooms support traditional video systems from Cisco, Polycom, Avaya and Lifesize.


Our servers are located in Sweden and Norway. We store as little customer data as possible and no customer data is used in sales or shared with third parties.

Personal Easyn number

Call video as easily as in a phone call. Search and be found in the global address book. Share your Easy number in your email signature, meet invitations or add it as a button on the website.


Encrypted and secure video communication. Integrations against Radius and Oauth authentication. Lock meeting rooms and activate PIN code for additional security.

Up to 40 active participants

You can invite 40 active participants to the meeting. This is perfect for large meetings such as. municipal board meetings or other large gatherings.

Norwegian user support

Our experts in Tromsø offer you user support. Our experts have extensive experience in conducting everything from board meetings, public meetings, political meetings and teaching. We help with planning and are happy to practice together with meeting leaders, speakers and others who want to be confident in the use of digital meetings.

  • Up to 40 participants
  • Chat
  • Support for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS.
  • Support for traditional video systems (H323 / SIP)
  • Raising of hands
  • Radius / Oauth (Azure) authentication
  • Norwegian customer service
  • Opportunity to rent meeting hosts and training

SEK 159 excl. VAT

With us, the users are in focus, with empathy for the people who use our service, we develop to create the best platform for interaction.

Feel free to give us input, for example, contact our CEO directly:

Search engine integration

Our search engine can be customized and integrated into our customers' own services or websites.

Download the client




Google Calendar Planner

Schedule your Easymeeting meetings directly in your Google Calendar.

Microsoft Outlook Addons

Schedule your meetings with Outlook Calendar

For desktop version of Outlook only

32-bit COM-Addin

64-bit COM-Addin

For Microsoft 365 Outlook web and desktop version

Use this URL to add the manifest file.

Available apps

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