How to update your Profile for Easymeeting Desktop Client

To edit your profile, please go to or open the Desktop Client application if installed.

Profile DetailsYou may add a photo, phone number and Easymeeting number.

  1. Log into your Desktop Client.
  2. In the top left-hand corner of your Desktop Client, you will see a «Gear» next to your name. Nano_Gear_Edited.png
  3. Once you click on the Gear it will bring you to edit your account.
  4. You are able to choose a photo for your Avatar, update your name and other personal information.
  5. To Edit, click on the Edit in the upper right corner. 
  6. Your email is unable to change, once you register with an email because that email is used for your account.

Easymeeting Desktop Client Download

Subscribers of Easymeeting Desktop Client have an option to install the Desktop Client. This client will automatically start up when your computer starts and it will run in the background so that you don’t have to remember and manually sign into the browser client.

Easymeeting app is included in all Easymeeting Desktop subscription plans.

Click her for download

You can also download the Easymeeting Mobile App for your mobile devices on the same page. Or go to google play or Appstore.

Please contact Support, for more help.

Camera access denied on Mac computers


If you get this message when connecting with a Mac, you need to do the following steps:

  • Go to «settings» on the mac menu   Skjermbilde_2020-03-13_kl._19.11.04.png
  • Open «security and privacy»
  • Go to the flap called «privacy»
  • Click on «Camera» and activate the Easymeeting desktop client
  • Click the «microphone» and activate Easymeeting Desktop Client

If you are going to share presentation with your Mac, then you need to activate one more thing.

  • Click on «Screen Recording» and Activate Easymeeting Desktop Client.

If this is not possible you can start the Easymeeting Client, call 123456 (Easymeeting live camera) and start a presentation. You will then be asked to activate Easymeeting Desktop Client on screen recording.

If you still have problems, contact Easymeeting support or open a ticket.

Du kan og nå oss på telefon 4000 4887 eller VIDEO ved å klikke her.

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